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Research Facilities
  • Tamil, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Commerce departments have been recognized as Research departments by the Periyar University.
  • English, Physics, Chemistry and Biotechnology departments are recognized as a Research Departments by the Annamalai University since 2004-2005.
  • At the start of the college, only the Arts Block was in existence and subsequently the Biotechnology Block, spacious and well-designed laboratories were also added.
  • Presently the infrastructures facilities existing in these laboratories are enough to take up high-tech research.
  • A new block, namely the round block has been designed to accommodate the library and computer laboratory.
  • A new block is under construction exclusively for department of Biosciences.
Fee Regulations
  • Every student shall beliable to pay the fee in full for the year, if he attended classes in a semester or part of a semester and as long as his name is not struck off from the rolls.
  • The tuition fees are to be paid by the students in four equal installments as per the schedule either without or with fine which may be prescribed by the admission committee.
  • The names of the students who have not paid the fees even on the last day fixed for the payments with fine will be removed from the rolls.
  • Backward class scholarships, Adi Dravidar Welfare scholarships, National Loan scholarships, State Loan scholarships and a few merit scholarships are made available to eligible students.
  • The eligible students belonging to backward community, Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes can apply through the college for sanction of scholarships. The college administration is taking utmost care in getting the sanction from the officials concerned for the applicants.
  • Besides, a number of students are receiving scholarships from private Trusts and agencies with the help of the college administration.
  • Prizes are given to those scoring 100% attendance during each semester/academic year.
  • Prizes are awarded to students who score centum in any theory subject.
  • The students who secure first 5 University Ranks are awarded special prizes.
  • The students attend the classes regularly. They will not be permitted inside the class if they are late. As per rules, one period of absence in a session (either F.N. or A.N.) will be reckoned as half a day for the calculation of attendance. The minimum percentage of attendance required to appear for university examination is 75% in each of theory and practical classes.
  • Any student who falls short of attendance will be dealt with in accordance with rules and regulations of the university.
  • The attendance maintained by the respective chief faculty advisor will be a valid record. Medical certificates will be considered only in genuine cases to avail leave and they will not be considered for the calculation of attendance. Since the lectures are planned to spread over the entire academic year for first year students and respective semester for senior students, they are advised to be present for all the classes without break in attendance.
College Magazine
  • The college magazine will be published annually. The magazine offers a forum to the staff and students to record their notable academic, cultural and social activities organized during the year. The Staff members and students can contribute articles in English, Tamil and Hindi.
  • The college has seventy-Five buses to take students and staff members to the college from Salem, Erode, Namakkal and Rasipuram.
  • The final year students are facilitated to do project work inside the campus and also in reputed companies. There are two hostels -one each for Boys and Girls. The Principal, the Ex-officio warden, deputy warden, Resident tutors, and Hostel superintendent and hostel staff under the direct control of the Chairman support the hostels and the attached messes.
  • The application for hostel accommodation should be submitted in the prescribed form. Hostel accommodation will be provided to the extent available. Hostel fee in respect of room rent is payable for each academic year, while the mess bill is collected at monthly intervals.
  • Incase an inmate desires to leave the hostel, the consent of the parents\guardian in writing is essential. If a student desires to leave the hostel during the middle of the year, amount paid towards the room rent will not be refunded on any account.
  • Students should give in writing that they will abide by all rules and regulations governing the hostel.
  • If a student is a defaulter or indulges in any undesirable acts e.g., quarrels\theft etc., he will be expelled from the hostel without prior notice.
  • Smoking, use of alcohol, chewing of tobacco and gambling in any form is totally prohibited.
  • Inmates are not permitted to bring eatables from outside other than fruits and biscuits for their consumption.
  • Inmates of hostel should not indulge in ragging of other students. If any individual is reported to have indulged in ragging directly or indirectly, stern action will be taken. The action may be by way of removing the individual from the college. Hostel deposit will be returned at the end of the course.
  • Guests are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
Hostel Management
  • Hostel Mess Committee will be constituted with the Principal as Chairman. The committee will consist of Deputy warden and the student representatives. The committee shall frame the rules and regulations for the effective administration of the Hostel and Messes. All should adhere to the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse. Violation of the rules will attract disciplinary action.
  • If a student does not take meals continuously for ten days and above proportionate reduction in mess bill will be allowed.
  • Membership of the hostel will terminate at the end of each academic year. Students shall make a fresh application for re-admission. The management reserves the right to admit\refuse admission to any student without assigning reasons or to expel any member in the interest of administration.
  • No member of the hostel can leave the hostel without prior permission of the Deputy warden and warden. He\She should enter his\her name and sign in the movement register kept for the purpose in the hostel office.
  • In case an inmate leaves the hostel without permission, disciplinary action will be initiated against such student. Incase of emergency, the student can report to the security staff and leave the hostel and student should get ratification from the warden concerned on his return.
  • Breakfast : 7:30.a.m to 8.30a.m
  • Lunch : 2.00p.m
  • Dinner : 7.00p.m. to 8.00p.m
  • Food should not be carried outside the mess. It must be taken only in the dining halls.
  • Students shall pay the room rent for the whole year in advance. If the fee is not paid on the day for payment, a fine will be levied for each working day of default, provided the payment is made within ten working days after due date of payment. Absence from the college with or without leave is no ground for exemption from the operation of the rule. If the fee is not paid even on the last day fixed for payment with fine, the defaulters will not be permitted to reside in the hostel. The students may be re-admitted at the discretion of the principal on payment of re-admission fee and fine due from the student.
  • Inmates should take full care of the property of the hostel. If any damage is caused knowingly/ unknowingly/ by accident the student will be fined and the fine should be paid within a week.
  • It is the responsibility of the inmates to take care of their belongings e.g., dresses, books, writing materials, money.
  • Inmates are advised not to play tape records, musical instruments causing disturbance to fellow room\inmates of the hostel.
  • Inmates can play indoor games like chess and table tennis.