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Water Conservation Facilities

Rain Water Harvesting

    At Mahendra Arts and Science College (Autonomous), rain water harvesting has been done successfully for many years. The pond provides a big ambience for saving approximately 2 TMC water every year. The pond has been connected with different ways from every part of the institution. Different pits are constructed to save every drop of water which provides main source for the ground water. It has been used by people who reside near the college.

Rainwater Facility near Art’s Block

Borewell /Open well Recharge

   This institution does not buy water from outside. Instead, the water which has been saved in the pond provides sufficient supply of water to the institution. There are 4 bore wells which help get approximately 4000 to 8000 liters every day. In order to recharge the borewells, there are around 40 pits which are constructed in different dimensions and are filled with coarse gravel for adequate infiltration of water. This helps in increasing the ground water level.

One of the Bore wells behind the Arts Block

Construction of Tanks

    This institution has built various over-head tanks in almost all the buildings. The capacity of the tank may vary for in each building. The institution has 5 over-head tanks in which the biggest one has the highest capacity of 10000 litres of water. Remaining tanks have the capacity of 5000 litres each. Consumption of water changes according to the needs of the building. The pond is the main source of water supply. It has an approximate capacity of 1 TMC water.

Water tank in Arts Block