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Environmental Consciousness


    The department of biotechnology provides hands-on training to students for the production of Vermicompost from organic wastes. It is an eco-friendly approach for developing Entrepreneurship and skill development among the students.The produced Vermicompost is rich in nutrition and thus, it is widely used as bio fertilizers in organic farming and sewage treatment plants. Vermicompost can enhance soil fertility physically, chemically, and biologically. Physically, Vermicompost-treated soil has better aeration, porosity, bulk density and water retention.


Large Scale Production

Small Scale Production


Herbal Garden

   Our institution’s “Exsitu Conservation of Medicinal Plants Germplasm Maintenance” needs a special mention. Students are engaged in the activity of collecting the endangered as well as medicinal plants germplasm and conserving them on campus.

  1.     • Ex-situ Conservation of Germplasm maintenance through medicinal plant garden.

Bamboo Garden

    The campus is facilitated by a Model Ecosystem through the establishment of the bamboo garden for mitigation of CO2 emissions for a pollution-free environment. The bamboo garden has many environmental benefits, because they absorb carbon dioxide, produces oxygen, controls soil conditions, produces organic matter, conserves biological diversity, beautifies the landscape, and contributes to the cleansing and sustainable development of the environment.